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Understand which topics to focus on, how to craft your content, and the strategies to boost its ranking.

Let's streamline your experience starting now.

Here's a comprehensive overview of our content strategy service:

We specialize in crafting tailored, data-driven content strategies that align with your niche and goals. Here's how our service works:

  • You provide us with the overarching themes you aim to rank for, such as "Medical SEO," "Medical Marketing," or "Healthcare Marketing Agency."

  • Our SEO experts meticulously analyze keyword data and search trends to recommend specific target keywords, article ideas, and formats.

  • You receive a detailed content plan with suggested titles for each article, making it easy to understand and implement.


Our content plans include:

  • Content groupings and hierarchy: Utilizing the Hub and Spoke framework, we outline a main piece of content (the "hub") and supporting pieces (the "spokes") that internally link to build relevance.

  • Keyword data: We provide the keywords to target for each piece, along with their difficulty score, search volume, and CPC, sourced from Ahrefs.

  • Link insights: We offer a high-level view of the backlinks needed for a keyword/article to rank, based on Ahrefs data.

  • Title suggestions: Choose from our 15+ title suggestions or create derivatives to save time.


What we guarantee:

  • Thorough, data-backed research by experienced pros and content strategists to guide your content creation effectively.

  • An internal linking strategy based on the Hub & Spoke framework to enhance content relevance and visibility.

  • A concise, actionable content plan that can be easily handed over to any content team for execution.

  • Fast, informed, and effective content production, or your money back.


Ideal for:

  • Providing your content team with a clear roadmap.

  • Enhancing the value of your SEO content packages.

  • Assisting you in DIY SEO content creation without compromising on strategy.

  • Maximizing ROI by prioritizing and creating content efficiently.

Get a data-driven content strategy at an unbeatable price, delivered quickly.

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