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Backlink Audit and Bad Link Removal

Concerned about poor-quality backlinks affecting your website's search rankings? Let our search experts conduct a comprehensive audit of your backlink profile and eliminate harmful links that may be impeding your success.

Deep Backlink Analysis and Bad Link Removal

Improve your website’s rankings and avoid penalties with our comprehensive backlink analysis and removal services. Building and cleaning up links may not be glamorous, but it is crucial for a successful SEO campaign. Our team has encountered the good, the bad, and the downright ugly while reviewing backlinks for clients. We're ready to handle the heavy lifting for you or your clients.


When we audit your website’s backlinks, we conduct a deep dive into your site’s entire profile to identify bad and suspicious links. Using a combination of automated tools and manual human reviews, we ensure that no stone is left unturned.



Whether your website is experiencing a negative SEO attack, has had unnatural links built by a previous SEO agency, or contains low-quality links hurting your SEO, we’re here to help you identify and clean them up.




Google Penalty Prevention & Cleanup

Since Google’s Penguin update, bad links have gone from being merely ineffective to actively harming your rankings. Negative SEO attacks, black hat link building, and other factors in your website’s history can lead to significant drops in rankings.


If your website has been affected by Google’s algorithm updates or penalized, our audit will pinpoint and clean up the issues causing manual penalties. If you haven’t been penalized yet, we’ll review your entire link profile for potential hazards that could lead to future penalties.


Once we complete a report on your backlink profile, we also offer cleanup services to remove all harmful links. Our team will manually reach out to webmasters to get links removed, keep a record of all outreach communications, and, if necessary, create a disavow file with the remaining toxic links and submit it to Google to signal you no longer want these counted against your site. If you have received a manual penalty, we will craft a re-inclusion request for Google’s spam team to remove the penalty and allow your site’s traffic and rankings to recover.

Let us help you ensure your backlink profile is clean and optimized for success

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